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Step 3. Mask: Volcanic Ash + Sage Earth Mask

Step 3. Mask: Volcanic Ash + Sage Earth Mask

Grounding Clay Mask sprinkled with exotic herbs, spices, nutrients + essential minerals

Renews your skin + spirit to be deeply refreshed

Aroma notes: Exotically Herbal, Woodsy + Earthy. Bold sandalwood + purifying sage; India in a Jar.


In the video below, our founder, Shaffali Miglani, elaborates on the power and beauty of our Volcanic Ash + Sandalwood Earth Mask - it is a product that contains ALL THREE of Shaffali's key Ayurvedic Herbs! 

Size: 3.5oz / 100g and 1oz


Key Ingredients

Volcanic Ash - Detoxifying, re-mineralizing, natural clay
Sage - Antioxidant, clearing, anti-aging, essential oil
Turmeric - Healing, brightening, root plant
Sandalwood - Soothing, skin-clearing, fragrant tree extract
Neem - Toning, healing, clarifying, tree extract


  • inhale: my spirit is faithful and fearless
  • exhale: my skin is nourished and healed
  • inhale: my soul is confident and bold
  • exhale: I am renewed



  • [Normal] use 1-2 times per week for 15 min
  • [Oily] use 1-2 times per week for 20 min
  • [Dry] use once per week for 10 min
  • [Combination] use 1-2 times per week for 15 min
  • [Mature] use 2-3 times per week for 20 min
  • [Sensitive] use once per week for 10 min
  • [Acne] use 2-3 times per week for 20 min
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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

This product is a staple in my routine! It’s helped keep my skin calm and clear. I’m acne prone btw

Debbie Wentz
amazing face mask!

This mask has helped me with many breakouts, I love it and it smells so good

Allison S
Just right

This is the perfect mask for my temperamental skin. I love it!

Ashley H
my favorite face mask

been using this for a couple years now, it’s literally the only mask I’ll use anymore! got my mom hooked on it too

Amazing Mask

Love this mask! I have crazy sensitive and breakout prone skin. I’m talking bad skin my whole life. Breakouts on my face back and chest from teenage years to now and I’m 41 years old. This mask really feels good on my skin. It tingles a tiny bit in the beginning but is gone after a few minutes. I left mask on for 20 minutes. Skin felt smooth and toned afterwards. No issues with irritation or breakouts. Love it!!

Shaina Antila

My skin has been all sorts of upset lately (thanks covid), and this has soothed it! It's such a pleasure to use, and you can smell/see/feel the quality of the ingredients. I hardly ever leave reviews, but the SUPERIOR customer experience with the owner, Shaffali herself, was above and beyond and truly made an impact. You guys and your products are great!

Soothing my very irritated skin

I've been dealing with acne for the better part of my adult life. Balancing anti-aging goals and calming my easily irritated/acne prone skin has been an ongoing struggle. I haven't been using this mask for long, but the few times I have used it so far my skin really did feel soothed. It's still a little soon to know if it'll be a long term product for me, but first impressions have been great!

Great product

Delivered timely and when I tried the product, my skin felt fantastic.

Alison Lindgren
Wonderful mask

This is such a beautiful mask! It feels so luxurious when you’re applying it and it smells divine. It doesn’t feel like my face is going to crack but instead feels like a wonderful nourishing treatment.

Scott P
Good Mask

I love masks and have tried many. I’m definitely keeping this one in frequent rotation. It does tingle a bit, which I like, because it tells me it’s working. I’ve got quite sensitive skin, so I’m careful about the products I use because a tingle can turn into quite a sting on me quickly. However, this mask was great. The aroma is also very soothing, and very light.