Love Letter + Blessing

Dear Sweet, Gentle, Beautiful, Innocent Soul,

You are full of love, light and beauty.
I will help you feel and look comfortable in your natural skin.
No more hiding behind masks and layers of personas or makeup.
It is time for your heart-centered, bad-ass, authentic, crazy, sexy, funny, emotional, raw, powerful, unedited, unfiltered, UNAPOLOGETIC, intelligent, creative, beautiful
Self to shine.

Celebrate and OWN your unique and authentic beauty.

My mission is to help you recognize and amplify your inner and outer beauty – and to honor its depth, layers and immensity.
My foundation of beauty is healing through Ayurveda and Aromatherapy, influenced by my 20 years of working in the spa industry, my decade plus of teaching yoga and meditation to VIP clients, and my beautiful travels around the world. I fuse Eastern mind with western body and universal soul, and I love creating fusions of these beautiful influences.
I will take you on a highly refined journey of deep and lasting spiritual beauty.
Through my signature self love rituals and accompanying products, may you be blessed with seeing and feeling your love, light + beauty and may you
Spread love, light and beauty.
Love, Light and Namaste,


As a teenager, I remember observing my mother do beauty rituals at home with Indian ingredients found in the kitchen and loved the whole idea of this ritual – I am drawn towards nature and beauty and things that create and support beauty.
I learned by observation that beauty care is self-care and believe self-care is self-love.
What I admired most about my mother’s beauty was that it emanates from depths she reaches through her sadhana, her spiritual practice of twice daily prayer and meditations – which she has been practicing for more than 50 years, including when she was pregnant with me.
Thus, I learned from my mother that I wanted peace in my heart and a glow in my skin; hence began my meditation and beauty rituals from a young age.
These interests became the foundation of my life’s work of teaching yoga, meditation and beauty, holistically and intuitively healing people ranging from artists to women with eating disorders to celebrities, supermodels and CEOs, I have seen first hand that many of us, as adults, carry little children within - we all just want to feel beautiful, peaceful, loved and accepted.
Shaffali Skincare products were born from a girl who wanted to be beautiful, graceful, loved and accepted, and who realized as a woman that loving my authentic and natural self is the true meaning of beauty.