Neem + Neroli Facial Moisture
Neem + Neroli Facial Moisture

Neem + Neroli Facial Moisture

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Uplifting Face Moisturizer with healing + energizing ingredients to embrace into the grace of age, beauty and wisdom 

Replenishes your skin + spirit leaving you deeply hydrated

Aroma notes: Floral. Basking in the soft sweetness under Italian orange blossom flower petals.

In the video below, founder Shaffali Miglani elaborates on the power and beauty of our Italian Orange Blossom + Neem Facial Moisturizer - a yin yang combination for the skin! 

Key ingredients


  • inhale: my spirit is whole
  • exhale: my skin is luxuriously lavished
  • inhale: my soul is creative
  • exhale: I am replenished


  • [Normal] use daily and/or nightly
  • [Oily] spread a thin layer daily
  • [Dry] use generously daily and nightly
  • [Combination] use daily and/or nightly, applying very lightly to t-zone area
  • [Mature] use generously daily and nightly
  • [Sensitive] use daily and nightly
  • [Acne] spread a thin layer daily

Customer Reviews

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Highly recommend!

As a Certified Holistic Health Counselor, I highly recommend these products to anyone with sensitive skin and people who want to make sure what they put on their body is as pure as what they put in their body. The Orange Blossom + Neem Facial Moisturizer is clean feeling, smells lovely and offers pure, simple ingredients. Best of luck!

I have become addicted to the Shaffali products

I have become addicted to the Shaffali products...I am particularly in love with the cleanser and moisturizer. From the fragrance to the texture to the color of the cleanser...Wow! It is a must try! Thank you Shaffali for the love you have put into your products!


As a yoga and pilates instructor, I find it extremely important to take care of my entire body inside and out. I eat organic foods, exercise daily, breathe, meditate and spend quality time with my husband, family and friends. It is extremely important for me to love the skin I’m in. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and I want mine to be beautiful, soft and to have that natural glow. I love Shaffali Skincare because it uses all natural ingredients and keeps my skin looking and feeling as young and fresh as a newborn baby’s. The anti-aging Orange Blossom + Neem Facial Moisturizer (with neroli - which is awesome) is one of my all time favorites–it just seeps into my skin and a little goes a long way. I love using the detoxifying Pineapple + Peppermint Exfoliant on my face once or twice a week; but, I also use it to slough off dry skin on my heels and to diminish dimples on my thighs. I like the Lavender + Turmeric Cleanser as well…especially the turmeric in it (which is also in the exfoliant). I keep reading about the benefits of turmeric and have yet to see it ever used well in a skin care line. Shaffali Skincare products stay true to the principles of Ayurveda and I love and respect all that they stand for. I can truly feel good about using something that is in line with the way I live my life.

Shaffali Skincare is a fantastic skin care line that really makes my skin glow.

Shaffali Skincare is a fantastic skin care line that really makes my skin glow. Before I began using Shaffali I used brands that felt very clinical. These products not only nourish my skin but also give me a better result with a natural feel. I use the Lavender + Turmeric Cleanse and Orange Blossom + Neem Moisturiser everyday and it starts me off with a good day. I would definitely recommend this to my friends, especially here in London as city and work life can take it’s toll on the skin and this has been the perfect solution.


I recently took my Orange Blossom + Neem Facial Moisturizer on my European trip – the size was very convenient and packable for such a purpose. Even though the trip itself was kind of a nightmare – I got very sick in Armenia, and am still coughing over 3 weeks later – the moisturizer was a sweet little comfort I enjoyed every day. The smell gave me a connection to something stable and familiar as I moved from one strange hotel to the next, and reminded me that I have friends and a home in New York. That was a huge comfort! Of course it’s great moisturizer and all, but the associations, carried through the very subtle scent, were kind of a mnemonic lifeline for me.