Lavender + Turmeric Facial Cleanser
Lavender + Turmeric Facial Cleanser

Lavender + Turmeric Facial Cleanser

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Relaxing Rich Golden Face Wash

Purifies skin + spirit, leaving you as soft as royal silk

Aroma notes: Floral. Sun baked lavender fields, sprinkled with geranium, in the south of France.

Shaffali Lavender oil + Turmeric root Facial Cleanser softens and brightens your skin while relaxing + uplifting your spirit. Watch the video for an elaboration on this gorgeous golden product. 

Key Ingredients


  • inhale: my spirit is light and free
  • exhale: my skin is bright and breathing
  • inhale: my soul is awakened
  • exhale: I am ready and open to receive


  • Use as needed for all skin types, daily and/or nightly


Customer Reviews

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As a recent customer to Shaffali products, I cannot name a favorite yet because I haven't tried them all, but I'll comment on my top three so far:

Cleanser: I use this often, usually twice a day. I use it in combination with the Clarisonic system to allow it to penetrate deeper and provide a better clean. My face feels wonderful after its use.

Exfoliate: Just applying this to the face is amazing. It calms and relaxes and feels great to apply and gently massage in.

Earth Mask: I can literally feel this product working whenever I apply it, and it doubles as a great for spot treatment for blemishes.

I have become addicted to the Shaffali products

I have become addicted to the Shaffali products...I am particularly in love with the cleanser and moisturizer. From the fragrance to the texture to the color of the cleanser...Wow! It is a must try! Thank you Shaffali for the love you have put into your products!

Shaffali Skincare is a fantastic skin care line that really makes my skin glow.

Shaffali Skincare is a fantastic skin care line that really makes my skin glow. Before I began using Shaffali I used brands that felt very clinical. These products not only nourish my skin but also give me a better result with a natural feel. I use the Lavender + Turmeric Cleanse and Orange Blossom + Neem Moisturiser everyday and it starts me off with a good day. I would definitely recommend this to my friends, especially here in London as city and work life can take it’s toll on the skin and this has been the perfect solution.


OMG!!!! I finally tried your products last night and they are so amazing!!! I absolutely love love love LOVE them!!! I have never felt that way about any products that I use, seriously! After I used the Lavender + Turmeric Cleanse in the shower- my face felt like silk I’m hooked now. I’m going to have my sisters and mom try this too. Love you and Congrats!!! These products are awesome!!