Lavender + Turmeric Facial Cleanser
Lavender + Turmeric Facial Cleanser

Lavender + Turmeric Facial Cleanser

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Relaxing Rich Golden Face Wash

Purifies skin + spirit, leaving you as soft as royal silk

Aroma notes: Floral. Sun baked lavender fields, sprinkled with geranium, in the south of France.

Shaffali Lavender oil + Turmeric root Facial Cleanser softens and brightens your skin while relaxing + uplifting your spirit. Watch the video for an elaboration on this gorgeous golden product. 

Size: 3.4oz / 100ml

Key Ingredients


  • inhale: my spirit is light and free
  • exhale: my skin is bright and breathing
  • inhale: my soul is awakened
  • exhale: I am ready and open to receive


  • Use as needed for all skin types, daily and/or nightly


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

This cleanser both nourishes and refreshes. It leaves my somewhat dry skin feeling and looking more hydrated while the scent of it allows me to breathe deep, right into my belly, where I need it most!

Eva S
One of my favorite cleansers!

This cleanser is great if you have hormonal acne and want something to help soothe it while being antibacterial.

Emily G

Perfect gentle cleanser!

Isabella R.
Love LOVE this cleanser

I've been using this cleanser for the past 18 months and I can't get enough of this product. The turmeric and lavender cleanse and brighten my skin. Every time i use this my skin glows! Finish it off with the Neroli Moisturizer its amazing.

Ashley Morgan
Sensitive skin

I have such sensitive skin to where I’m so scared to purchase new products, but i risked it to see about Shaffali brand and what they had to offer. I have fell in love with all the products I have ordered and been using. No issues what so ever. Will continue to purchase!

Love this light and effective cleanser

Late 30’s with combo skin. What I love about this product is how light the cleanser is, but is still foamy and does a thorough job of cleansing my skin.

Christine L.
Love this face wash

I've been using this face wash for almost 2 years. I love everything about it - hooked my mother and sister-in-law on it, too. We all have different skin types but it works for each of us. The smell is amazing!

Erica Ehrlich
Obsessed with it!

I have been using this cleanser daily for about a year, and I absolutely love it!!!!

H Marti
Meditative Self Care

This facial cleanser is the best I've ever used. The faint scent of lavender and the golden color from the turmeric add to a heightened sense of holistic quality. I notice a huge difference in my skin when I have to (briefly) switch to another cleanser if I don't order my refill in time- the key ingredients of Shaffali have calmed my inflammation in a way no other product has been able to. Thank you!

Karina Richland
I'm getting addicted to these products!

For about 2 months now I have been using the lavender and turmeric cleanser and following up with the Neem & Neroli Facial Moisture. Amazing. I actually look forward to my cleansing routine. The products are so soft and creamy with just a faint hint of really nice fragrance. Really good quality products. My skin has never felt better. Shaffali - PLEASE come out with an eye cream!