Full Moon Meditations & Monthly Workshops to Amplify Your Aura


Next Event: Tuesday November 8, 2022
3am-4am pt // 6am-7am EST
Full Moon Guided Visualization to Amplify Your Aura: Ephemeral Impermanence and Welcoming New Growth
Throat, Third Eye and Crown







"Shaffali, Words cannot express what yesterday's Facial gathering was like for me on so many levels. You are so well spoken and carry your light so strongly. It truly was a privilege to be invited to such an intimate and personal experience.

I am so grateful to have opened my eyes to my new journey. My skin is completely glowing and some how the hanging Jaw skin is no longer hanging. It’s remarkable.

You are truly an inspiration and completely magnificent.

Thank you again.  I look forward to my clay mask and next months facial.

Stay well, Forever grateful"
- Tracy


“With wisdom and serenity Shaffali offers a beautiful and safe space for everyone to tap into their light.” 
- Salma


“My very first Full Moon meditation experience with Shaffali was nothing short of welcoming, warm, and extremely serene. 

She began guided meditation by allowing us to share our grounds for joining so that we could all connect on a level of togetherness in the practice. Each and every one of the attendees were so special and magnetic. I felt surrounded with love despite the fact that we were all in different parts of the world! 

During a pandemic, I find that to be the silver lining: connection to others throughout the world through virtual meditation. 

Shaffali has this upbeat and fun, but very warm and loving light about her. Please, you all have to experience her light for yourself. It’s refreshing. You’ll come out of meditation feeling revived and have a true sense of love & connection for self and the people you are surrounded by. Ground yourself and join Shaffali in her Full Moon meditation. I’ll see you there!" 

- Ryan Morrow