A Gift Opportunity for Our Loyal Community

Loyal customers like you help us to keep our business going. Your testimonial helps us spread the word and reach other great customers! We appreciate you taking the time to express your opinions about Shaffali and would like to thank you for sharing your love.

    How to Submit a Video Testimonial

    We'll send you a $50 - $75 gift card if you submit a video testimonial in any of these 3 ways.

    1. Visit any product page and scroll down to click on Write a Review. You'll see an option to add a video. Using your smartphone, record your testimonial. Tell us about a great experience you had, or what you love about Shaffali. Don’t be shy! A short 30 to 60 second video is great, or ...
    2. Email your video to namaste@shaffali.com, or ...
    3. Post your video on social media. Make sure to tag @shaffali on Instagram or @shaffali_beauty on Tik Tok so we can find the video, and we'll add another $25 to your gift card.

      A Few Tips for Videos

      • Record on your smartphone holding it vertically.
      • To make sure your voice comes through, go to a quiet area with minimal wind or background noise.
      • Find a comfortable spot with a nice background, like your office or a quiet place outdoors
      • If you’re indoors, turn on extra lamps for good lighting. If you’re outdoors, find some gentle sun.

      What should I say? 

      It can be hard to find the right words. Try one or two of these questions.

      • What’s something that stands out about Shaffali? What do you really enjoy?
      • What problem have we helped you solve?
      • Is our customer service top-notch? Our staff would love to hear it.
      • How long have you been a customer? What makes you stay with us?

      When will I receive my gift card?

      You'll receive an email with your gift card within 7 days of posting your video in any of the three ways (product page, email, social media).

      How to Submit a Written Testimonial

      1. Visit any product page and scroll down to click on Write a Review. Submit a glowing review and receive 10% off your next order.

      How will my testimonial be used?

      We share our testimonials on our website, in marketing materials, and on social media. By submitting your testimonial, you give us permission to share it. If you have questions about how we use testimonials, contact us.