The Languages of Love

The Languages of Love

Seriously dreamy...on a Farm in Greece attending a wedding with my love

I wanted to share with you an assessment tool I starting using about five years ago to better understand myself and how I perceived and expressed love. The 5 Love Languages is a concept that was introduced to me by a dear friend who has always been very proactive in her own self-awareness.

In any case, my intention is to introduce you to the concept and then leave it to you to perhaps take the quiz or read the book. There are five main ways in which people express love to each other:

Words of affirmation

Quality time

Receiving Gifts

Acts of Service

Physical touch

Some of you may not even need to take the quiz to know what you like. The real discovery is in finding out the love languages of our significant other, though this concept can extend to people beyond our personal relationships. The problem lies in that we often express love in the way we expect it and sometimes our love languages can be quite different than our partner’s. Thus, being aware of your own love languages and your partners can help you understand what to do to make them feel your love and vice versa.

Let’s face it – love can be blissful and it can be tough. I am still trying to figure it out myself. But the whole point of today’s post and this month’s theme is to explore love on a deeper level -

understand that for some of us, we can experience some pretty gruesome steps to selflessly love and feel compassion

take care of yourself or your partner in a way that can lead to a deeper sensual and emotional connection

attempt to deepen the awareness of your own love language as well as your partners

Oh, and the way to my heart? With a journal of over 3,000 pages (I’ve kept it since I was 9) and my love for skincare and yoga…my adoration for love letters and cuddling, go figure: Words of Affirmation and Physical Touch.



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