Samantha, Summer Camp and Scrub

Samantha, Summer Camp and Scrub

Samantha is a fan of Shaffali Skincare. In her words:

"When I use Shaffali Skincare, created with Ayurvedic intent and organic ingredients, I am reminded me to be present and I feel that I am nourishing my skin and myself.

The whole facial is wonderful. Lately I find myself relying on the mask and exfoliant - which has the lovely texture of cake-batter."

Samantha and I met in our 30s at Summer Camp in the Adirondacks...Hosted by WeWork where we both housed our ventures at the time - she at the Soho NYC location and I at Soho West. Thus, aside from past lives, we had never crossed paths before Camp.

We had an instant connection early Saturday morning after the first night at camp, both of us scoping out the kitchen for some fresh lemon to have morning lemon water. I was instantly impressed by how much lemon she used in her lemon water. We quickly came to find many common interests - growing up in New England, beauty, yoga, travel and I almost instantly invited her to try my pineapple + peppermint facial scrub - my thoughts at the time, as well as what quickly became reality were: "I will scrub my face side by side with you right then and there in the cabin bathroom at Summer Camp, dear new friend."

And that's how a friendship that has lasted 5 years in nyc began. Simple, Lemony, Minty, Scrubby...

Over the course of the past 5 years, I have enjoyed Samantha's company especially when needing to speak to someone who is an artist in every sense of the word - professionally, passionately, academically and practically. After studying Art History and Fine Art at NYU, Fashion at FIT and Interior Design at Parsons, Samantha began Samantha Gore Interiors + Design.

Samantha's work featuring blue paint imported from Morocco, a special request from a client who wanted the specific blue - Majorelle Blue - he saw in Marrakech.

I ask Samantha what lights her up:

Samantha: What lights me up.. What a great question. Brings to mind what my pleasures and delights.

Short list - Laughing. Surprise outbursts and deep belly laughs !

The sun.

Connecting with new people in inspired ways.


Creative collaboration.

Kundalini yoga.

My niece.

Gorgeous color.

Delightful coincidence.


Mythology - how past and stories are interwoven into modern life

Lights me up is different than what keeps me aglow - coming home to my love. being in the nature. being with my family. to name a few.

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