Natalia is a fan of Shaffali Skincare. In her words:

"My first experience with Shaffali Skincare has completely changed my approach to my daily routine. I was introduced to it in 2013. The invigorating scent of the products just breath this lovely scent into your well-being and set you up for the day! From the quality ingredients, carefully hand-picked by it’s beautiful founder and CEO Shaffali Miglani you get to experience a true beauty from within while helping your skin to be in it’s healthiest glowing state possible.

The results were evident from the first use of these amazing products for me: my skin responded immediately to the combination of naturally intoxicating aromas mixed in with Ayurvedic ancient wisdom. I fell in love with Shaffali beauty products ever since.

The highlights for me are Lavender + Turmeric Facial Cleanser and Mango + Lavender Body Scrub.

I absolutely recommend this skincare line to everyone to start their journey to show off their healthy beautiful skin."

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