5 Reasons To Fast. Read on to see why LOVE is one of them...

At about age 18, I read a book titled The Natural Year. It brought on a turning point for me. It provided me with so much knowledge and introduced me to so many resources to live a wellness lifestyle. It was essentially about becoming highly aware of how to live your life in tune with it’s surroundings and, in particular, the seasons. The book is broken down by months and each month introduces the reader to new ways to live a wellness lifestyle according to the season. I was so moved by this book that I began writing back and forth with the author who then lived in the English countryside, to thank her for how much she impacted my life.

The Natural Year introduced me to two simple fasts you can try purely for health reasons.

First, here are my top 5 reasons to fast:

1. Makes the skin GLOW (as well as the eyes)- toxins in the body can make the skin look dull and tired.

2. Gives the digestive system a break allowing for energy to be used on healing within the body.

3. Helps to calm and clear the mind.

S4. trengthens willpower and determination.

5. Allows you to appreciate healthy food far more and the taste of food far more.

A simple fast to try:

Day 1: Fruits and Veggies

Day 2: Juices only

Day 3: Water

Day 4: Juices

Day 5: Fruits and Veggies

My personal experience with fasting

My draw towards a wellness lifestyle was largely influenced by my mother. I observed the many fasts she did, (mainly for religious reasons) and the health benefits and peace that came along with her fasting. As a pre-teen, I too was inspired to fast. I remember how some fasts were excruciating (especially without school or distractions – everywhere I turned I saw food). And then others, if I allowed my mind to stay calm, disciplined and focused (activating my willpower), I would complete a fast with flying colors!

One last fast to share with you, called Karva Chauth is done by married women in India. They fast for one day (nothing, not even water) until they see the moon at night. I started doing Karva Chauth at age 16 for my future love (and do to this day) and around the age of 26, I became pretty disheartened with Karva Chauth (read: my love life). Until one day, at Karva Chauth related ceremony with my mother and sister-in-law, I spoke with a woman who said she had also done the fast for years before being married. I asked her if it was worth it, and she turned to me, looked straight in my eyes and said, “definitely.” I would have to say that I do feel fasting has had a positive effect on my mind, body soul…as well as my love life.

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