What Lights You Up? Reflections of a Modern Mystic
What Lights You Up? Reflections of a Modern Mystic

What Lights You Up? Reflections of a Modern Mystic

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Let go of the “Should Life” and free yourself.

The stories, experiences, and ultimately the discoveries shared in this book emanate from exploring the phenomenon of the 'should life'— an often insidious voice in our head that is planted by social, cultural, and familial conditioning. Shaffali shows readers how to spot when they are trapped in an inauthentic life and how to release the shackles that keep them stuck in it.

Part memoir, part guide, and all heart. In What Lights You Up, Shaffali gives readers an intimate look into 20 years of her misadventures and triumphs as she imparts, with a healthy dose of humor, the lessons those experiences taught her. In doing this, she guides readers on a spiritual journey through The Prism Principles which provide rituals and practices for finding harmony in mind, body, and soul so they can connect with their passions.

We all have the ability to find love, abundance, and manifest what we desire, if we can connect with our highest truths and most authentic selves. All it takes is that first step forward toward our light.

Author Bio
Shaffali Miglani Taheri is a healer, yoga and meditation teacher, a licensed esthetician, and author. She has guided and empowered people for two decades to look and feel beautiful through her two companies: Shaffali Skincare and Shaffali Yoga + Wellness, both rooted in Eastern wisdom.

She provides a deeply intimate reflection on her 20-year struggle with being highly sensitive and how she turned it into her biggest strength, as well as the life lessons she’s learned through the guidance of gurus and mentors. As she steps into the role of mother, wife, and mystic, she encourages others to connect with peace, love and passion as a way to live a life that lights up ourselves and all those around us.

Customer Reviews

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Lindsey Jaleh
Must Read!

Couldn’t put this book down! Shaffali is the friend, mentor, guide, healer you’ve always wanted. Her stories are raw, vulnerable, and authentic (not to mention very relatable). Her guide on how to step into a life that lights you up rather than succumbing to the “should life” offers many helpful tips and tools for manifesting a life you love. Thank you Shaffali!!

Matthew Henry, TEDx Speaker and Author

Doing what makes you happy is a journey that we need to appreciate. Shaffali encourages the us to align our mind, body, and spirit. A much needed read.

Kristy Carter, Author of Maiden’s Peak

Shaffali takes us on a wonderful, whimsical, and sometimes quite wild journey through the years as she shares the memoir of her life as it stands now. She defies us to cast aside the ”Should Life“ and to own our own desires and dreams.

Jason L Kessler, Author of Simple Acts

Shaffali shares her own life experiences to make deeply spiritual teachings and practices relevant and accessible, and then provides us with a guide on how to integrate this wisdom into our lives to create real change.

Amy McMillen, Author of Reclaiming Control

What Lights You Up is a raw, vulnerable look into what a personal reckoning looks like. With honest, juicy stories combined with practical wisdom, this book helps us examine the true potential we have inside of us.

Mahdad Taheri

Shaffali immediately captivates us with her eloquent writing, honesty, and transparency which allows us into her world. She highlights the life most of us live, the “should life” and guides us to question how we really want to live.